FR 22-Feb-2018

Goal tonight was simple: ask for 3 numbers. This was my goal because of my problems last weekend where I led a couple good opportunities slip by because asking for numbers isn’t enough of an ingrained habit for me.

First set I opened were two Brazilians, one of whom was visiting the other and didn’t speak much English. Boring set. FB Messenger closed the visiting one. 1 number asked (if she had a working American phone and spoke English, I wouldn’t count this as a number, but it suffices).

Met up with my wing, K. He goes in on a big group, I go do a two set that doesn’t quite hook. Come back to his set, and it implodes shortly thereafter.

I think the next thing is this two set I open. One mistake I potentially made here was only hitting the “FR” of Todd’s FRED model. My opener was basically a comment about how I liked how one of the girl was wearing her jacket on her shoulders classy-like even though it was a leather jacket. This was followed by some banter about how they match a lot, and then further banter about their similar names. Then Ken came in and engaged the less attractive one, and I kind of went into rapport with the other. Shouldn’t have gone into rapport. I didn’t have emotional relevance yet.

Just bounced mid “conversation” from this set without saying anything. I try to do that more and more. Look, when girls converse and they aren’t attracted to me, that’s cool–not everyone has to want to fuck everyone. But nowadays, because 90% of the time I get positive reactions and because of my maturing perspective on life, I am starting to realize my own value more, and if they don’t even give me the time of day I think they’re idiots. Also rude.

Anyways, next set I open by saying “You guys look conspiratorial”. Main positives from this one:

  • Spontaneous opener.
  • Deployed qualifying lines like “I’m glad we found something interesting about you”.
  • Maintained good eye contact.

Bad things:

  • There were a couple things that came up that may have been shit tests that I didn’t handle great. Insofar as it’s possible to neither fail nor pass a shit test, I did neutral. For example, when it came up where I was going to law school, she made a big deal about congratulating me, even shaking my hand all formally. She wasn’t totally making fun of me or something, and I wasn’t like “O THANKS DURR” (I even said “yeah don’t do that”), but at the same time I was at the effect and not the cause of this part of the interaction.
  • Technically it’s bad that I didn’t try to go for my goal of asking for the number since this interaction lasted longer than 4-5 minutes, but when I asked her for her name she didn’t even give that, so…

Last set was moar Brazilians. Asked for and received number even though I wasn’t interested. So I only got 2/3 of the way to my goal. Goal for tomorrow will be to ask for 3 more numbers. I’m just asking for numbers until I have asked for 5.

Not too concerned about not hitting this goal, but have been kicking myself all day for my not pushing the daygame set I opened earlier today.



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