Sunday Funday #1

Met up with a couple guys to daygame, but it was 16:30 by the time I rolled up and we decided to just hit a bar in the area that is popular all the time, including weekend days. Great day spot. It’s full of hot women day drinking.

First set was a 3 set. Made small-talk, then correctly cold-read they were in college. I  then asked them if they knew what they were going to do after or if they were just winging it. Then I asked the one I thought was cutest what her major was, and when she said “Environmental Science” I was like “oh, I was gonna say it’s probably something useless” which they interpreted as me calling Environmental Science useless. Which isn’t exactly what I meant–what I was really trying to say was that “I was going to guess something useless, but that’s not totally useless” (lol). Anyways, they were like “omg so rude” –though the one who wasn’t hooked more than the others. My target mostly just laughed. I didn’t correct their understanding because I didn’t want to like, you know, pull back offense after it was given. After all, one way to get emotional spikes and attraction early on is to simply offer a negative opinion on some not-so-personal fact about them (I think that’s better applied to things they didn’t choose though–complement them on their choices, give them shit about the stuff they didn’t choose, one might conjecture). So I kind of stumbled into doing that here, stood my ground and smiled, and the set ended.

Next was also a 3 set of college seniors (a lot of college girls here today). I here too correctly cold-read and took the same conversational tack as I did with the previous set, except I made sure to tone it down a little with the “useless” talk on the majors. Reached hook-point 1, but not 2. None of them were hot anyways. One of them could have been, but she was a bit too furry (a problem for girls of South Asian descent).

The next set I remember was a 3 set of black girls. I opened with “how are you and who are you”, and one of them said “fine…and people”. I correctly guessed they were visiting (was on a roll with the cold-reads today). Looked at them a bit. The one who talked said “Ohio, Ohio, Colorado”. Looked at them some more. “OSU, OSU, University of Denver”. I said “thanks for reading my mind”, which got some laughs. At this point a series of interruptions occurred. First was some super drunk ass motherfucker. Next was some guy who came in and asked if they were Habasha (Ethiopian), which they were.

Anyways, opened a two set from a distance by commenting on the gaze one of them had. Opened decently well. Also college seniors. Turns out they are here for birthday party. Several friends come over. I start talking a bit with two, one of whom engages me more than any girl in the set. She asks me some questions, I give answers and say stuff like “I don’t even have the energy to pretend otherwise”–which sounds dumb out of context, but the vibe I was giving off was one of low investment in the interaction. I start talking to her exclusively, but the group starts walking off. I had mentioned looking for friends in an FTC sort of way, and she says “are you coming with us?” which I take to be enough of an IOI that I tag along, saying “sure, I can look for my friends in there”. We talk. Get interrupted by the need to take a picture of them. Talk a bit more, and they are going to move once again. She says to come with, I say “no, I’m going go find my friends, but give me your number”, and she is very compliant about it. Her attraction was palpable. Texted my name there, and texted a little while ago with a standard follow-up, but no response. Not super surprising if it flakes–it was good attraction, but little comfort/investment. Wasn’t time. I don’t know if I would have done anything significantly differently. I certainly wouldn’t have followed further; it was a very large group, like 9+ with lots of sub-groups and moving parts (which I remarked to her lol). Too much to deal with. What I did well was that I was willing to switch targets. I didn’t get locked into some BS idea of “I was talking to these two and the friends are just obstacles”.

Some other set that didn’t really hook.

Two set by a fire thing that hooked decently. They were friendly and into their day drinking. This was a set that I built a lot of rapport with mainly. They laughed at some stuff I said, but no real attraction. My two wings came in briefly, succeeded quickly by this other guy I brought in whom I knew from the venue previously and who I had run into earlier. Ended up being mostly just him and me talking to them. I think they both had attraction for him, but more his target than the one I spoke to. They went to the bathroom, we chatted a bit and scattered. Did some solid kino in that set.

Last set was a two-set. I went with an opener in which I called one a bad-ass based on her dress. Not sure if that counts as going direct, but to the extent it was, it wasn’t good, since one shouldn’t go direct on one member of a two-set. That girl hooked well though. Juggled convo between both. She was in reaction. She said “sorry that was awkward” after saying something (which wasn’t even really awkward), for example. When my two wings came in, I had to reposition myself next to her, and when they asked me the whereabouts of two girls they had spoken to earlier, the friend yanked my target away. Wings apologized, I said whatever. As long as things aren’t my fault, I’m stoic about them.







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