The Conveyor Belt + Musings On Rejection

Had a thought last night as I (high) recalled a couple of my interactions from earlier…I was out on the back patio of this particular venue, doing approaches, and it was just like a conveyor belt. I stayed out there. Girls came out to stand around and have males approach them. If the girls didn’t like it, they moved away and went to go repeat the process. The male was to do the same. Almost choreographed, and definitely silly. I laughed at The Game when I thought about it. That’s the first time that happened. I should really learn to take it less seriously.

What is a rejection? I think most rejections are noise, not signal, and are furthermore part of a larger dance. For beginners like me, inexperienced and diffident with women, it’s hard not to see a rejection as a kind of referendum on one’s value. In reality, they are many times a mere function of the whims of a girl who is not only fallible in the normal ways in which any human is, but who, depending on what type of girl in what type of venue, might be among the least qualified people in society to be conferring any sort of blessing or damnation.

Modern mating and dating in the West can be rather goofy. The only thing serious about it is that this system seems like it’s not particularly conducive to most of its participants’ happiness.

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