First Number Close From Day Game

This happened while doing day game with Ken and this other guy I had met the previous night through a mutual friend (also community). Ken and I were near a light, and I saw her walk up and wait for it to change. She was on her phone.

I went up and said “hey excuse me” loudly to get her attention, and when I had it I said “you looked potentially interesting, so I thought I’d say hi”. Got a positive reaction. Focus, Relevance, Emotion.

Initial couple sentences were establishing where she was from, and when she said “New Zealand” I said “you don’t have to hide your accent”, a little tease.

Walked with her across the street. She asked me questions most of the time. When I said I was in tech she said “oh that’s a smart person industry”. Said something similar about the fact that I was going to go to grad school. Small getting to know you kind of stuff.

After a bit, she said “where are you going?” I planted and she also planted. She’s here for a few more weeks, I said we should grab a drink. Number closed. We texted a bit.

My goals for the day were just to do 2 solid approaches, and I did 4 and got a number quite smoothly. Definitely happy with today’s progress.

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