FR 29 March 2018

Generally speaking: doing a better job nowadays of talking through the open and being positive in the face of negative reactions from girls.

Only set worth discussing specifically was the first one. Opened by Ken. It was a seated set. I came in and complimented one of the girls on her pants, and Ken engaged the one closest to him. I did a good job of maintaining a buyer frame both through a positive-dominant tonality, expressing a small amount of dismay/disapproval with one of her opinions or actions at some point, and straight up being like “I need you to exhibit more taste” about something we were talking about.

Also got compliance; asked her to stand up and she did. I said “I just wanted to see how tall you are”. She said “taller than you”, but then kind of “saved it” by saying “but only because of the heels”, as I think she realized she was disqualifying herself.

When their friends came back from the bathroom, I did a good job of engaging the group while still including the “target” (who I didn’t find particularly attractive, tbh, but I guess I would have done it lol). I mentioned the back patio and got a tentatively positive reaction to the general idea of it, but didn’t really try to pull them with. I believe I could have moved them if I was persistent about it.

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