First FR In A Month

Hadn’t gone out for about 2 weeks before tonight. Things went better than I thought.

Relied on my main man to lead the way at first. 2 set. I surprised myself a little with how quick I was able to get back to conversing after having not tried to flirt with girls for 2 weeks. My wing ejected us from the set early. Wouldn’t have been my preferred course of action, but went along with it.

Opened 2 chubs. I had some interest from the one I was talking to initially. We were to meet up with another Redditor tonight, and while talking to these chubs he came up and was like “hey is your name x–nice to meet you” and the chick was like “wait, what did he say”. I covered by saying the guy drank too much and that we called him “the drink”. Lol.

Opened a 2 set. One girl just wasn’t having it and went back to the larger group. The other girl tried to let me off easy with some perfunctory excuse, and I just kind of shrugged and started to walk away. As I was walking away she asked my name. I said I’d tell her mine if she told me hers. She did, and so we exchanged names, and I got some tidbits of info from her (she was visiting this group of friends). I wished her a good trip and bounced.

Opened a girl who was part of a mixed set of fairly intimidating dudes. I told her and this other girl they looked very punk by the standards of the venue. She asked what I meant, and I clarified that most people there looked “bougie”. She turned out to be nice. A couple instances in which I just had to hold frame a bit (e.g. she asked if that was a compliment, I said it was merely an observation). The other girl wasn’t interested in convo.

Joined a 3 set my guys were in afterwards wherein basically the girls were pretending to be Russian and when I called them out on that, they kind of tried to keep going with it and then just left. They were doing Russian accents that only would have worked if we were drunk and when I asked one of them how “Moscow” is properly said in Russian she was just like “what do you mean–Moscow”, that’s how I knew.

Misc bs for a bit…I got cock-blocked by a bouncer, basically, which was some bullshit.

Bantered in a set my guys opened.

Opened a girl watching her friend play ping-pong with a dude who apparently wasn’t their friend. Positive response, but I was admittedly boring. This one frustrates me a little bit.

3 set was standing near us and I had the real opportunity to open one of the girls semi-over-shoulder, which I did. Had a decent convo going. Friends sat down at table/sofa behind her, and she was like “wait a second I’ll be right back” and went to go confer with them on something. I did not stick around.

Overall, I was surprised I got back into the swing of approaching and whatnot so quickly. I believe I got more positive reactions than negative tonight. I’ll have to actually pay attention to what I am doing tomorrow.


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