[FR] 3-May-2018

I have been trying to muster the motivation and energy to get back into game. I must generate “heat”, in the mytho-poetic sense.

I’ve been letting my wing lead the way with things. My goals with pickup are currently nebulous, and I am moving in 3 months so I am trying to balance phun and lolz with sharpening my social skills. I met him at our preferred venue, and we shot the shit for a bit. He wanted to try this thing where we stand in a high-traffic area and open whichever girls are near. After 10-15m of this, he decided that wasn’t the best strategy.

Not long thereafter, he opens some girls wandering by (ironically, I guess, given perceived failure of the strategy earlier). Chubby girls, one of whom is DEFINITELY NOT CUTE. Luckily, I speak with the cuteish one.

It’s a good interaction. Had her laughing and filling gaps in the convo. Qualifying a bit. Teased her. Long story short, move her and the friend to another part of the bar and somewhere along the way my boyz disappear (which I suspect was deliberate on their part to disengage from the girls). After the girls get drinks, we go start heading back to original spot to find those guys, but the girls and I separate along the way.

Next set is a 3 set. Cute, cuteish, and not-so-cute. The first two engage to varying degrees (most engagement from the cuteish one). Because the cute one is looking around a lot, I disengage before they do.

Last set was a two set. I go up and ask (with good tonality) if they are foreign. One of them is. I had a decent amount of unreacitivity here (as opposed to the previous set, which I found mildly intimidating). Made good conversation, led topics well. The foreign girl was so pretty, and she seemed fairly smart. As my wing can attest, I have been down on women lately. I have been in a caloric deficit, and lacking all sex drive (which I have to say has been very liberating and amazing and I wish I did it in college). I have had space to reevaluate what I think of women, and I have to say, with the desire for sex removed, I really don’t like them. A part of me wanted to like girls again so that I could like her.

I think I am going to stop writing these FRs when I get home. Instead, I’m just gonna jot down by hand notes on what I did well and what could be improved. If I want to, then the following day I can turn it into a full FR, but this shit takes too much time and I find being on the computer after 9pm to be a deeply unhealthy and time-wasting thing I need to eliminate.


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